How does your affiliate program work?

Using a coupon system we track results of your sales. Refer new users to our website and you’ll receive 30{c7dc9b9c39af94f8cce2df62c581c525ad453529d5dc4023a1236ff80d142ba1} of every purchase they made over our website. Simply paste a link, banner with your coupon identity on your site or in your marketing! We can give you banners, images and other resources.

Who can make money with the affiliate program?

Bloggers, YouTube, have a list of followers, twitter, or you love to write reviews and articles to communicate. Maybe you are an Athlete who creates YouTube videos. Now there is a way to create more income. It’s a very easy and completely free promoting method to earn money.

How and when we will pay your commission?

We make payments via weekly on Wednesday. You can use PayPal or Check.

How do I market GYMStar Calculators?

The integration to the market is up to you but we’re here to help you and we can do all of the work together. Feel free to contact and we can discuss what kind of promotion would work best for you.

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